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MOTOmed VIVA2 with accessories: Supports lower leg (pair) disinfected platform-pedals (pair) Fixing cuff for the wrist (pair) also hand-cuffed (pair) module simulator for hands
1 unit.
On request.
MOTOmed letto/letto2 with accessories: a base model with an operating panel type VIVA2, including safe pedal with the holders of a drumstick with a ribbon-type "Velcro", a tripod on wheels with brakes, a device attached to the back of the bed and the operating panel type VIVA2 (remote control). Software-parvlyaemy therapeutic exercise for the lower extremities for bedridden patients with electric. Power supply 220V. Accessory tibia with Hot-swappable release of the knee joint of the load (steam) disinfected pedal platform with plastic cover (pair)
1 unit.
MOTOmed gracile 12 with accessories: Software-driven basic trainer for the lower extremities, with a fixed distance between the pedals 12 cm, including safe pediatric pedal locks for pediatric tibia. Power supply 220V. The ability to use operating panel type VIVA1, VIVA2, Duplex simulator for passive and active exercises of hands / upper body (including the management console and oruchen)
1 unit.
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